The Unicorn is my spirit animal

It's true. I tried fighting it for years. In fact, I didn't even really like unicorns. People just kept giving them to me. And I kept taking 'em. That's when it hit me. BOOM. The unicorn is my mother fucking spirit animal. I'm also highly obsessed with disco balls, dream catchers and big dance moves. In case you were wondering.

I believe in being a "Yes, and..." creative.  I work hard and constantly crave a challenge. I have trouble not putting at least 120% into something I'm involved in. I'm obsessed with finding inefficiencies and making them efficient.  I strive to surround myself with passionate, intelligent, strategy-driven people that respect the creative process and focus on achieving the highest quality end product. 

I was trained in traditional mediums, moved into the digital world, and am now enjoying the creation of social content and engaging audiences on all social platforms. I've worked at some of the top agencies around the globe and have a worldly comprehension of advertising. 

I'm a consultant that specializes in seeing new business opportunities for clients and turning that into revenue for an agency. Content strategy is second nature to me.  I've been a crucial motivator in the integration process at a top agency in New York City.  I've helped grow a digital team from four to forty in two years. I was an integral component at an agency named "Agency of the Year" by both Advertising Age and Adweek.  I've been involved in creating and restructuring how an agency tackles "social" by hiring a full time photographer to work directly with the creative team from the brainstorming stage onward.  I'm capable of hiring solid creatives that can fit well into the vibe of an established agency, while having the know-how to delegate their talents appropriately amongst projects. In the growing pains of digital departments and small budgets, I've had to wear lots of hats throughout the years; I'm capable and comfortable playing the role of photographer, stylist, location scout, producer, art department, talent scout, etc. 

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, I HAVE FUN IN THE PROCESS.  If you aren't having fun, what's the god damn point? #amiright?!?