FiOS Quantum



While launching FiOS Quantum, we wanted to really showcase how much this product differed from others in the category. FiOS Quantum internet speeds reach up to 300 mbps, where most competitors speeds are 12 mbps. To highlight the kinds of speeds we were capable of delivering, we worked with Rob Cohen, director of Fast and the Furious to create a commercial capturing wingsuit jumpers leaping off 10,000 foot cliffs. As a member of the social media team, we created a behind the scenes video to explain how director Rob Cohen captured a wingsuit flight from a 10,000 ft. mountain peak to the front door of a suburban home. 


The online experience was a Facebook tab that consisted of several interactive components. As part of a intricate build, you could type in your own address and have the wingsuit jumper land at your doorstep. It pulled in the commercial video, google street view, as well as your current internet speeds to create a one of a kind video that also allowed you to know compare speeds and see if FiOS Quantum was available in your neighborhood. You could also see behind the scenes video and photo highlights of the adventure. 


All of our online ads had one main job - to have people watch the video (either imbedded into the banner or by driving them to our Facebook experience). By viewing the video, we were capable of calculating their current internet speed and then could deliver personalized messaging to our audience.